Conference Awards

Handel Institute Conference Awards are intended to help individuals attend a conference to read a paper or present a poster on a Handel-related subject that has already been accepted by the conference organisers. The awards relate to the cost of travel and/or accommodation. Applications must be submitted before expenditure is incurred, and preference will be given to postgraduate students and early-career academics.


There is no application form. Applications should include the following information:


  • name, email address and institutional affiliation (if any) of the applicant
  • details of the conference: title, organising body, place, date(s)
  • title and abstract of the paper to be delivered (not more than 300 words)
  • evidence that the paper has been accepted by the conference organisers
  • details of travel and/or accommodation costs (based on cheapest reasonable estimates)
  • details of any financial assistance (for this purpose) already received
  • details of any outstanding applications for such financial assistance


Closing dates for applications are 30 April, 31 August and 30 November. Applications should be sent to Prof. Matthew Gardner,