Performing Handel – Then and Now

26–27 November 2005

The Foundling Museum, London

The performance of Handel’s music, in his day and ours, was the theme of the sixth Handel Institute conference, the first to be held at the Foundling Museum, home of the Gerald Coke Handel Collection. The music of Handel is a particularly complex and rewarding subject for such a conference. Born a German, he assimilated the Italian style in Italy, where he studied, learnt the French style in Hanover, where most of the orchestral personnel were French, and worked mainly in London. His music and its notation reflect the rich cosmopolitanism of his experience and pose important questions on various aspects of performance. Research into performing practice is typically carried out both by musicologists and by performers: one of the aims of the conference was to bring together representatives from both camps to share information and insights and discuss problems and solutions.